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Tanya Winfield beat out 250,000 prospective contestants to become one of the last six finalists on season 15 of NBC’s weight loss reality show, The Biggest Loser.  Winfield – a top fan favorite – may not have won the big check, but she’s won something even more valuable: she won a new, healthy lifestyle that has changed her life forever. Her journey and her story has inspired millions to begin fighting for their own healthy lifestyle — and she couldn’t be more thankful.

Winfield is the first to admit that her experience on the show was a far cry from the lifestyle she’d grown accustomed to as anyone can get. Often referred to as the “people’s champ,” throughout the season, Winfield’s impressive 87-pound weight loss advanced her to the final week of the competition as one of the last six contestants competing on the show.

Initially, her drive and determination to not let obesity win made her a top fan favorite; but her vulnerability –when she opened up and shared the innermost details of her life — was a turning point in her journey that only deepened her connection with viewers across the nation who witnessed her breakthrough.

Winfield’s raw recollection of her gruesome, childhood experience at the hands of an abusive, drug-addicted mother and a family who failed to come to her rescue was a personal tipping point in her journey. The heartbreaking memory she shared with her trainer on the show also became known as “The Most Inspiring Moment” in Biggest Loser history.

Winfield’s phenomenal weight loss success is just one more extraordinary accomplishment that she has already achieved in her life begun anew. She also earned her first million dollars by the time she was 35-years-old, as an entrepreneur, restaurateur and corporate leadership/management executive with Fortune 500 companies during her 20-year tenure in corporate America. Becoming COO of an iconic Chicago franchise is yet another triumph in Winfield’s life; but all of these achievements are only a taste of what’s to come for this fearless woman of excellence.

A proponent of quality, empowerment, distinction and now forgiveness, this teen mother has shed emotional baggage that far outweighs any lbs she’s lost. Her pride in her personal victories comes in second to her determination to follow where this new path is leading her.

Now, with all of this knowledge in hand, Winfield is a full-time Motivational Speaker, Wellness Warrior, and Colgate Total Woman Ambassador. “Every chance I get to educate people about the dangers of obesity, and encourage others to develop healthy eating habits and adapt an active lifestyle is another day I get to help end the battle against the health epidemic known as obesity. I am overjoyed whenever I do a presentation that does in fact motivate someone to stop procrastinating and get to work transitioning to a healthy lifestyle. I’m told that I am an inspiration for many, but really, I am inspired by the lives of everyone who endeavors to put one foot in front of the other every day — that’s the only way to win — with consistency, determination, dedication and sweat.” Winfield shares.

Tanya – a top fan favorite on NBC’s, The Biggest Loser, has been seen by more than 100 million viewers on such television shows as:

  • The Biggest Loser
  • The Steve Harvey Show
  • The Today Show
  • Access Hollywood
  • Extra
  • The Insider
  • Inside Edition

Tanya has had stories published in media outlets such as:

  • US Weekly
  • iVillage
  • Jet Magazine
  • Chicago Sun-Times
  • LA Times

Tanya has performed keynote speeches and presentations for industry conferences such as The Esssence Festival, National Dentist Association, Southern Woman’s TV Show, American Heart Association, Rainbow Coalition, and other functions such as :

  • Corporate functions, including wellness events and national conferences
  • National Sales Meetings
  • Health and Fitness expos

In addition to a passion for Women’s Empowerment, LifeStyle Coaching and Business Consulting for Business Entrepreneurs, Tanya dedicates much of her time to writing her first series of nonfiction, wellness lifestyle books. In her Spring 2017 released book “Lose to Win” Tanya goes into further detail about her journey to wellness. In her soon-to-be released cookbook, Livin’ Soul, Tanya will share some of the recipes she’s developed consisting of –what else—soul food, but with a twist. Her upcoming cookbook — will be dedicated to soul food prepared the healthy way. “I want to feed you, but I also want you to be healthy” stated Ms Winfield.

Winfield is proud to be a beacon of encouragement, inspiration, motivation and transformation to anyone who needs a little light to break down the barriers set up by the mind and often obeyed by the body.

To that little girl who may be thinking she’ll never amount to anything because of her upbringing; or that young woman who needs a little motivation to push past the challenges she’s facing in her business; or the millions of people who don’t believe they can lose weight because “It’s just too hard,” Winfield’s message is simple, yet passionate, “Lose your emotional baggage in order to win your life back because you are worth saving.”

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