“Lose to Win” Book

“Lose to Win” Book


Known for her spirited, bubbly personality, Tanya Winfield, instantly became a fan favorite on Season 15 of the hit TV show, The Biggest Loser. Millions watched as she took the world on her 87lb weight loss journey that would eventually land her as one the Top 6 Fnalists and Fan Favorite for the acclaimed NBC show.

Underneath the calories and pounds that Tanya brought to the set every day, was a woman who had been badly hurt, broken, and rejected through childhood trauma and adult failures. Nonetheless, she took on the tedious task of being a Divorcee, a single mother and wore the hat of a boss lady commanding a six figure income as an Executive Leader in Corporate America. But not one to halt at mediocrity, Tanya decided to try her hand at entrepreneurship. This turned out to be one of her best decisions, as she made her first million by the age of 35 through her ownership of several successful business ventures including one of America’s most popular food chains—Harold’s Chicken. She would eventually go on to own several stores and other lucrative investments.

Despite the tough battles that weren’t always easily won, and through the rigorous struggle of losing physical weight for the show; Tanya discovered that sometimes in life you have to lose people, things, and most importantly the weight of emotional baggage in order to be pushed to greatness. This book highlights intimate moments in Tanya’s life that will inspire, educate, and motivate you to see the WIN in every LOSS.


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